Ways of getting involved:

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4.Gift Aid


At Little Feet we rely on volunteers in  everything we do! From fundraising to providing an advice and support. Your help is vital to us and we are always incredibly grateful.


Become a sponsor of a child and change their life forever! Sponsor a child from one of our Nepalese partners. For only £30 a month your child will get: 2 warm meals a day, clothes, shoes and schools materials. In exchange you will receive a welcome pack, a letter from your child twice a year including regular update. Write to us: or download a sponsor form here.


Be an inspiration! Go as wild as necessary to help those ones in need.
Here are some hints:

• Organise a car boot sale
• Have a clothes exchange party with all of your girlfriends. Charge a small fee. By wearing second hand clothes you also will be saving our environment by reducing your carbon footprint!
• Organise a regular bake sales at your work place. By doing that you will become an office favourite.
• Challenge yourself and remember….YOUR IDEAS COUNT!

At Little feet we rely on volunteers with everything  we do! From fundraising to give an advice and provide support. Your help is vital to us and we are always ncredibly grateful.

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We believe that ordinary people can make an
extraordinary difference. Please help us to
make the world a better place for children.
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