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All children have the  right to a safe childhood, education and health care. But for many in Nepal these rights are denied. Wandering alone or in small groups on the streets of Kathmandu, they are being exposed to trafficking, sexual violence or abuse. What would you do if one of these children came up to you, what would you see if you looked into their eyes
  • a small child that might have been trafficked or abused ?
  • a little human person that desperately needs your compassion, food and a safe environment ?

What would you do ???

We at Little Feet truly believe that ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference. Moreover, our lives in the West are full of abundance and prosperity; we have a moral obligation to share the wealth with those in need. It is our duty as people of the world to ensure that there are no more homeless children.

Little feet is a UK registered charity

Little Feet is a UK registered charity (no 1170055) which was founded in 2015 by two friends: Jan Czyzewski and Anna Topolewska. Jan had travelled to Nepal many years before and the striking poverty and excruciating conditions in which he found many of the children, left him heartbroken, longing for a solution. Their first meeting at the end of 2014 resulted in the creation of Little Feet.

Our mission statement:

Comprehensive assistance to children in difficult or desperate situations:
. Helping children to develop their talents and     abilities
. Helping children in their education
. Helping children and their families in crisis
. Providing children with courses, trainings, workshops
. Cultural and educational exchange
. Providing comprehensive facilities (building schools, providing accommodation, food, clothing, medical assistance etc.) for children in regions and countries affected by extreme poverty, war or other natural disasters.


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Meet our team

Anna Topolewska

Anna Topolewska – Co-founder of Little Feet. Day job – management
accountant for aviation industry. Interest: psychology, philosophy,
nature, people, world.

Peter Leach

Peter Leach -Trustee. Keen motorcyclist, golfer and football fanatic.

Jan Czyzewski

Jan Czyzewski – Originator and co-founder of Little Feet. Entrepreneur
with charisma and a big heart.

About Little Feet

We believe that ordinary people can make an
extraordinary difference. Please help us to
make the world a better place for children.
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Charity Number : 1170055

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